About the project

TwoSmiles is a print-at-home project from HP. It's a greeting card and gift card in one, and you can make it on your own home printer. Just pick from hundreds of free designs, select a gift card and amount, personalize, and print. TwoSmiles is a great way to customize a gift for any special occasion.

My role

I am responsible for most of the UI designs. I work closely with the marketing team to create prototypes and mockups, and then work with the engineers to get them implemented. I came up with the mobile and tablet workflow and we are constantly working on improving the product in this fast moving agile environment.

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eCommerce platform connecting buyers with sellers


About the Project

Holonis' mission is to empower a virtualized economy by connecting all buyers and sellers anywhere in the world and on the web. The platform is built on a powerful admin tool which allows users to customize their portals. The front end contains e-commerce, product, media, video, photo and more consumer content.     

My Role

I was brought in as a UI Designer and was given full creative control. Working with the small team of incredibly qualified and motivated people of Holonis we managed to implement the platform on a very tight deadline. I designed everything to be responsive which was a huge challenge for the endless amount of pages required. Oh,  and I also designed their logo. :)

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